Tips for Choosing the Right Hair Brush

You know which products work best for your clients. You’re their hair expert. It’s up to you to make their hair look its best. But as you well know, in order to do your best work, you need the best tools. The tools a stylist uses can make all the difference in the look and feel of your client’s hair. A tool that we’re talking about today is the hair brush.

Hair brushes are a dime a dozen at your local CVS or Shopper’s. But for a stylist, the right brush can really help manage a client’s hair properly. If you’re in the process of choosing a new brush to add to your arsenal, here are some helpful tips to follow.


Boar Vs Synthetic Bristle Brushes

When searching for your next brush, put some thought into whether you want to use boar bristles or synthetic bristles. The kind of bristle you use is important. The synthetic bristled brushes tend to work best in thick hair. They do not create as much static in the hair as a natural bristle brush. A classic synthetic brush is the Denman from Dannyco.

Natural bristles tend to be easier on hair than nylon or plastic brushes. Boar bristles fall into this category. This kind of bristle will re-distribute oils throughout the hair which naturally boost its shine. Your client won’t have to worry about dry scalp when you use a boar bristle brush, that’s for sure! Evo has a wonderful selection of boar bristle brushes.

To get the perfect combo of a boar bristle’s shiney hair benefits plus a synthetic’s detangling powers, go for a mixed bristle brush. These are very popular with stylist because they’re so good at doing everything and work well on everyone’s hair.

Hair Texture

The hair texture of your clients can vary greatly. Usually, there will be a few that will have similar hair textures though, and with the right brush you can cater to their needs.

If you are dealing with a fine haired client, having a naturally bristled brush will work a lot better since it won’t tear the hair. For thicker hair, synthetic bristles work wonders.

Types of Brush

You’re likely creating a lot of different hairstyles during the day. If you want to be truly prepared for what your client wants done to their hair, you’ll need to use a few different brushes.


The paddle brush is perfect for smoothing hair. Whether the hair is curly, thick, straight, or just susceptible to frizz and static, the paddle brush is your best friend. The Conrad by EVO is an excellent paddle brush, and so is the Cushion brush from Dannyco.


Do you have clients that have wavy and bouncy hair? If so, you already know the benefits of a round brush. With tightly packed bristles, this brush can really grip the hair and hold it in place as it dries. With sizes ranging from small to extra large, you’ll definitely have the right length of brush for your client. EVO’s Spike 28 is a great examples of a mixed bristle round brush. Round brushes can also come with a metal interior so they can double as a hot roller like Dannyco’s BaBylisspro Ceramic – a top seller!


Vented brushes help speed up drying time by allowing heat from the blowdryer to reach hair strands from all angles. The reduction in drying time actually helps reduce mechanical damage to the hair. Stylists will often use a vent brush for the first 80% of drying time then a denman or round brush to ‘set’ the look in the last 20% of drying time.


Tangles are a nightmare, and their something you see nearly every day. Having a detangling brush at the ready can help keep your client’s hair looking fresh and knot-free. With a large plastic detangling comb from Dannyco or even a Roy wooden Detangling Comb from EVO in your toolkit, you won’t have to worry about tangled hair again.

Mix & Match

It’s always best to be prepared for any situation in your salon. You may have an idea of what your client will like, but who knows how things could look when they actually arrive? That’s why it’s a good idea to have a complete set of brushes at the ready for whoever sits come to your chair. Mixing and matching will help you tame anyone’s hair without too much hassle at all.

The Right Brushes Make a Difference

For that edge your clients are looking for, definitely invest in some quality brushes. Having a great set of hair brushes from Dannyco and EVO will make you totally unstoppable at your salon.

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