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In 2017 SalonScale Founder, Alicia Soulier, was facing the same problem many salon owners have today. How do I control the hair colour being free poured in my salon, make sure my costs are covered, and reduce waste?

The solution to this problem? SalonScale Technology Inc. A Mobile App created by a salon owner for a salon owner. We want to shift and change the way we charge our clients coming into the salon. Our mission with SalonScale Technology is to save one salon at a time.

How you might ask? By separating the parts (colour) and the labour (time, experience, and demand). It’s time that we unite as an industry and start charging accurately. I know many people out there reading this can relate to this statement: You have a customer in your chair and you spend longer on her hair than anticipated, you use twice as much colour, and only add an extra $10-$20 dollars onto the bill.

The problem about this scenario that we frequently face is not just the “oh well I guess $120” or “maybe like $175” when charging a client. It is the fact that not only are we losing value in ourselves but our business is in the negative cash flow because of it.

To start seeing more profit in our salons, we need to start separating parts and labour. With overhead running as high as 35% and changing colour trends, product costs are now running as high as 17%. That’s 52% just in the sheer cost of running your business. If you are paying your staff 50% commission that means on average your losing 2% every time a colour walks out the door. That simply means you aren’t profitable. In fact, you are most likely running in the negative.

It’s imperative that we change the way we do business, and it is important to understand the exact cost of all parts of your business. Here at SalonScale, we are on a quest to help get you where you need to be. After only 11 months since launching we have had over 500 signups, over 20,000 submitted colours and over 1000 users on our mobile app. Join the SalonScale movement today.

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