How Hair Extensions Builds Client Loyalty

A stylist lives and dies by the number of clients you service each month. Successful stylists aren’t built on walk-ins, although they help out quite a bit. The best stylists become the best by having an excellent base-level of returning customers. Those returning customers often spend the most, and they’re often the reason for referrals (“My friend told me that THIS SYLIST is who to see to get the best babylights”, and other quotes like that).

Client loyalty is important in our industry, and each stylist should look for something that sets them apart. One way that you can start keeping clients coming back to your chair is through hair extensions. How? Read below!


How Do Stylists Build Client Loyalty?

First, let’s look at how you can build client loyalty. If you are looking to create return customers, you need to make a great impression. Acting and looking professional will give an excellent first impression to first-time clients. Being respectful and positive go a long way to bringing people back to your chair as well. Following up, inviting them back for another cut and colour, and offering a loyalty program can make client creation a breeze.

But you know all that already! That’s why we’re here to tell you about why hair extensions can create client loyalty.

Where Do Hair Extensions Come In?

Before we move on, we need to make something clear. If you aren’t offering hair extensions, please start offering hair extensions. As this blog suggests, you’ll retain a lot more clients by offering them in the first place. By not offering hair extensions at all, you will look out of touch with the fashion trends of the day. No matter what kind of fancy weave-work you are capable of doing, not performing extensions shows that you aren’t progressive – a major turn-off for those looking for a new look.

Hair extensions are important to certain clients. Once they’ve had them done a couple of times by the same stylist, that client is likely to stay with that stylist. He or she knows what needs to be done to that client’s hair to make the extensions look amazing, so why leave their chair for someone new?

Usually, stylists performing extensions will go through every aspect of the process with a client before putting in the extensions. This builds a lot of trust between the client and the stylist. Trust is everything when it comes to hair, as we all know. By educating the client about the ins-and-outs of hair extensions, you can ensure that they put their trust in you to do an amazing job (which we know you will).

The bottom line is that if you are looking to create an edge on your competition, offering impeccable hair extensions is an excellent avenue to travel. Your clients will love their look, and you’ll love how those clients just keep coming back.

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